We select only the very highest quality produce and prefer to use local suppliers for our fish and other ingredients.

Restaurante Kokotxa


Shadefish tartar, apple, cucumber and celery sorbet26 €
Winter vegetables, mussels, pumking and ginger24 €
Foie gras dices, dried fruits, pineapple and apricot gel 26 €
Lobster in a smoked “Marmitako”30 €
Kimchi- Crusty- Crab28 €
Carabinero” (large red prawn) rice, beets and seaweed 30 €


Fish of day , over sauce of its bones, seaweed and red prawns edible sand30 €
Monk fish, grilled aubergine and tomatoe gel29 €
Fish hook hake, rigatoni, crab, saffron and see broth25 €
Turbot, Iberian bacon, pickled white beans cream31 €
Kokotxas in a traditional Basque pil pil 31 €


Ibearian pork shoulder, smoked pear, salted hazelnut crumble27 €
Piece of ox filet, crunchy ashes and red spicy28 €
Pigeon from Bresse, corn French toast, black sesame31 €
Venison sirloin, carrot-orange and rye26 €


Mandarin – thyme, tea and mint sponge 10 €
Crispy pears and white chocolate, cream of puff pastry, yogurt and muscatel 10 €
Red fruits and chocolate ganache, custard apple and smoked whiskey. 10 €
Homemade brioche caramelized french toast, pumpkin and spiced caramel ice cream 10 €
txotx, our version of cidery restaurant dessert, walnut cake, gazta zaharra cream, cider sheep milk ice cream 10 €
… and sweet wines
Oporto Niepoort Colleita 2005 7,25 €
Oporto Niepoort L.B.V 2011 6,00 €
MR Moscatel 5,75 €
Pedro Ximenez Gutierrez Colosía 5,00 €
Plaisir d´automne Clos Benguères 4,50 €

* Half portions will be increased of 10 %