Our food has a unique personality based on our surroundings and our pantry.


Based on seasonal products

Winter vegetables, mussels, pumking and ginger 
Seasonal mushrooms, chesnut, egg yolk and pork scratchings
Fish of day, rigatoni, crab, saffron and see broth
Piece of Iberian pork, macadamia nuts cream red spicy
Walnuts sponge cake, sheep cheese cream, cider, curd ice cream
62 € +10 % VAT

Based on the latest creations

Shadefish tartar, apple, cucumber and celery sorbet
“Carabinero” (large red prawn) rice, beets and seaweed
Kimchi- Crunchy- Crab
Fish of day, Iberian bacon, pickled white beans cream
Pigeon from Bresse, corn French toast, black sesame 
Tangerine, olive, thyme
Orange, chocolate, hazelnut
87 € + 10% VAT

*Menu may under go some variation depending on market availability

Both menus will be served a full table and does not include drinks or coffee. Due to the development of our menu, hours of service will be before 15:00 pm for lunch & before 22:15 h dinner. Menu may undergo some variation depending on market availability. There´s NOT a frixet wine pairing option available. Howeber, a full wine advise will be given on request